MC Lemay

Marie-Claude "MC" started designing and welding in Atlanta, GA. As a co-owner of White Mare Designs, MC began showcasing her works in New York, Chicago and Atlanta trade shows. In 2006, she started Lemay Designs as sole builder and designer and continued building her portfolio throughout Atlanta, Texas, Massachusetts, and New Jersey refurbishing vintage furniture and building modern furniture, as well as, retail fixtures for stores and markets. After her marriage to Allie Rivenbark, they together founded LR Design Co., LLC in January 2013 and moved to Portland, OR in 2013. MC enjoys instructing and teaching the how-to's and basics of welding with regard to safety, the proper usage of equipment and the overall best practices of working in a shop. She could design every day and never tire of the fascination to create! 

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Allie Rivenbark

Allie has been working in the design, visual merchandising, interior designing and remolding, for over 15 years in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Portland. Allie has experience in operations and production management for over 12 years and has worked in public relations, as well as, in the art and fashion industry with production in trade shows and showrooms all over the country. She began wood working in 2011 by teaming up with MC and in January of 2013, they took their shop experience and formed LR Design Co., LLC. Allie is very detailed and can be quite a perfectionist... she truly cares about her environment and safety precautions as it pertains to herself and anyone entering her shop. She also loves interacting with clients and truly enjoys listening to the client's needs and finding the best solution for everyone... which can be super-duper important!


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Ella Angel Fitzgerald Lemay-Rivenbark... was rescued when she was 6 years of age and has been a loving companion to the design co. ever since. Ella was born deaf; therefore, any and all shop noises do not disturb her. She loves the smell of wood and watching on-lookers smile at her from the loading dock. She works so hard! And keeps us very safe.